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  • Toby Departs Race Inc. Parent Co.

    Toby Henderson has been splitting time between top-dog duties at Box Components, and a many-hats role at the American BMX Company, which revived and reimagined the Race inc. line of products. Since he joined the newly-restarted brand, a little over two years ago (see bmxnews September 8, 2021), the brand released some impressive product, and The post Toby Departs Race Inc. Parent Co. appeared first on BMX NEWS.

  • Remembering Mike Redman

    Mike Redman was a BMXer who was all-the-way-in on every aspect of BMX Racing, since the 70s. He was a racer, a BMX start-up entrepreneur, at a young age, (with MRC, Mike Redman Concepts), a wildly-successful racing team leader, Bike Brand visionary (via Redman Bikes), Race Announcer at hundreds of national races (and thousands more The post Remembering Mike Redman appeared first on BMX NEWS.

  • Team News: Factory LSG/Throdwn

    Now that Tulsa Town is in the rearview, and everyone’s case of Grands Flu is just-about cleared-up, we wanted to bring you some of the 2023 Team News that came out of the Greatest Race on Earth. The following release also drops some industry news, namely that Throdwn has a new owner, and is getting The post Team News: Factory LSG/Throdwn appeared first on BMX NEWS.

  • 2024 is shaping up to be the year for BMX events (Woden Jam photos)

    It's mid February and we've already been pumping here in Australia with BMX events. There is a plethora of BMX jams and events coming up for the first half of 2024, read on to find out when to mark your calendars!More

  • 5 reasons why kids should ditch the console and grab a BMX

    In a world dominated by screens and virtual realities, you can see how kids can get lost in the captivating landscapes of video games. While gaming undoubtedly has its ups, there's a compelling case to be made for embracing a more physically engaging alternative – BMX riding. We’ve got the lowdown below on why dropping the control and getting your hands on a BMX bike is the real game changer.. Read on:More

  • Unlocking BMX Mastery: Why Investing in a Kids BMX Bike is a Parenting Game-Changer

    Hold on tight as we cruise through my BMX journey – from my childhood antics to becoming a BMX-loving dad. Picture a five-year-old version of me eyeing his first BMX, a makeshift, converted dragster with BMX parts that ignited a lifelong passion. The year was 1981, where Canberra's BMX scene was booming, and homemade tracks were the norm. Now, let's talk about the real game-changer: the kids BMX bike.More

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