Old School Fools BMX NOS bikes from all of the best 1980s
brands JMC Racing, Hutch BMX, Cook Bros.


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Old School BMX

Old school BMX describes the late 1970s and 1980s of BMX. BMX racing, freestyle, and dirt jumping developed during this time.

Old-school BMX bikes were simple, lightweight, and minimalist. They had chromoly or high-tensile steel frames with shorter top tubes than road or mountain bikes. A single-speed transmission with a small chainring and a large freewheel enabled rapid acceleration and agile handling.

Riders altered old-school BMX bikes with aftermarket handlebars, grips, pedals, seats, and wheels. Many riders customized their bikes with paint and decals.

Punk rock and DIY subcultures influenced old-school BMX racing, freestyle, and dirt jumping. The subculture was noted for its rebelliousness and self-built BMX tracks and skate parks.

Riders and collectors still love old-school BMX. Riders can compete in vintage BMX contests at vintage BMX shows and events worldwide. Old-school BMX remains popular because to its long history and unique style and culture.